Victim/Offender Dialogue & Restitution

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Article 1 – Sex Offender Sentencing Options: Views of Child Victims and Their Parents
Author: Lucy Berliner
Description: This study solicited the views of child victims and their parents in sex offense cases from three Washington State counties.

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Article 1 – Book Review: Victims of crime and community justice
Author: Martin Wright
Description: A review by Wright of Brian Williams’ book.

Article 2 – Working for Healing with Victims and Offenders in New South Wales
Author: Kate Milner
Description: This article provides an overview of the Unit’s work with victim offeder conferencing and a new re-entry initiative.

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Article 1 – Test Your Technology IQ
Authors: Stalking Resource Center, The National Center for Victims of Crime
Description: An advertisement from the NCVC about GPS stalking.

Article 2 – Victim/Offender Mediation in St. Louis: An Assessment
Authors: Lynn S. Urban, Sara E. Burge
Description: This evaluation of St. Louis’ Victim/Offender Mediation Program (VOM) determined whether juvenile participants had fewer subsequent referrals to the court. Title page and abstract only.

Article 3 – Should Victims Have the Right to Meet with Their Offenders?
Author: Cheryl Swanson
Description: After summarizing evaluation research on victim-offender meetings, this chapter draws conclusions and offers recommendations on this practice.

Article 4 – Developing Policies and Protocols
Authors: Ellen Pence, Coral McDonnell
Description: This article is published in Coordinated Community Responses to Domestic Violence: Lessons from Duluth and Beyond.

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Article 1 – Continuation of Article 4 from the previous PDF.

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Article 1 – Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
Author: The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
Description: Discussion of the comprehensive community-based program for intervention in domestic abuse cases.

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Article 1 – More of the article from Articles 4 and 1 from V.O (3) and V.O (4) PDFs, respectively.
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Article 1 – Victims’ Rights State Legislation in 2004
Author: Sarah Hammond
Description: An article from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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Article 1 – Incorporating Restorative and Community Justice Into American Sentencing Corrections
Author: Leena Kurki
Description: Article from the September 1999 issue of Issues for the 21st Century.

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Article 1 – No Title
Author: Various
Description: A List of 4 articles from Restorative Justice Online with short conclusions and citations.

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Article 1 – No Title
Author: Various
Description: A List of articles from Restorative Justice Online with short conclusions and citations.

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Article 1 – Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power (UN), 1985
Author: From Restorative Justice Online
Description: Addressed to the General Assembly.

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Article 1 – The New Politics of Criminal Justice
Author: Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc.
Description: A Summary of the findings.

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Article 1 – No Title
Author: Various
Description: A List of articles from Restorative Justice Online in the same format as V.O-7 and V.O-8 PDFs.

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Article 1 – Boundaries in Victim-Offender Mediation: Reflections on Mediation in Certain Cases and Crimes
Author: Alice Delvigne
Description: From the workshop given by the author.

Article 2 – Why is good restorative practice difficult to implement within referral orders and community based sanctions?
Author: Catherine Nicholson.
Description: A speech from the author

Article 3 – No Title
Author: Jeffrey Pfeifer
Description: Short conclusion and citation of an article from Restorative Justice Online in the same format as V.O-7, V.O-8, and V.O-12 PDFs.

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Article 1 – Listen to My Story: Communicating With Victims of Crime
Authors: Morna Murray, Melissa Hook, Anne Seymour
Description: A video discussion guide exploring the ABC’s of communication with crime victims who have been traumitized.

Article 2 – Victim–Offender Conferencing: Issues of Power Imbalance for Women Juvenile Participants
Author: Rachael Field
Description: This document provides a feminist critical analysis of important issues of power (imbalance) for young women offenders in a current model of victim-offender juvenile conferencing.

Article 3 – Ordering Restitution to the Crime Victim
Author: National Center for victims of Crime
Description: After examining the status of State law pertinent to the ordering of restitution to crime victims, this paper considers current issues in restistution laws, namely, conflicting directives and other barriers to restitution orders.

Article 4 – Restorative Justice Pioneer Honored: His Graduation Address at Australian Catholic University, October 2008
Author: Terry O’Connell
Description: Article from E Forum.

Article 5 – Judicial Education on Crime Victims with Disabilities
Author: National Association of Women Judges
Description: An action partnership with professional and membership organizations cooperative agreement project proposal from the author to The Office for Victims of Crime.

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Article 1 – Community Mediation: Helping to Build Positive Communities
Author: SACRO
Description: This guide is the last in a series of six covering a range of issues related to setting up and running of community mediation services for the resolution of neighbour disputes.

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Article 1 – Mental Health Act 2007
Author: Department of Health
Description: Guidance on the extension of victims’ rights under the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004.

Article 2 – Development of a National Study of Victim Needs and Assistance
Author: Ellen Brickman
Description: This document presents a study on the needs of victims of crimes.

Article 3 – Assessing the Use of Pennsylvania’s Victims Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP)
Author: Justice Research and Statistics Association
Description: Final Report

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Article 1 – New Directions from the Field: Victims’ Rights and Services for the 21st Century
Author: Office for Vicims of Crime
Description: An article from the OVC Bulletin.

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Article 1 – Victims and Re-Entry: Highlights from the Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council
Author: Re-Entry Policy Council
Description: The Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council addresses a comprehensive range of issues, from developing and funding re-entry initiatives to specific policies and practices for improving re-entry oriented service delivery during and after incarceration.

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Article 1 – A Comparison of Two Prosecution Policies in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence
Authors: Chris O’Sullivan, Robert Davis, Donald Farole, Michael Rempel
Description: Mandatory Case Filing vs. Following the Victim’s Lead.

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Article 1 – Is a continuation of the article started in the previous PDF.

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Article 1 – Is a conclusion of the article started and continued the the previous two PDF documents.

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Article 1 – Circles of Support and Accountability
Authors: John Charlton
Description: An collection of contributions edited by John Charlton from the Restorative Directions Journal.

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Article 1 – The Next Step: Indigenous Development of Neighborhood Restorative-Community Justice
Authors: Michael Gilbert, Tanya Settles
Description: This paper explores the effect of blending the theoretical underpinnings of restorative and community justice as an indigenous product of neighborhoods, to improve institutional and social structure problems as well as resolve harms to victims by offenders.