The Collaborative Effort of the Offender Reentry Community Safety Program for Transition

Angela Clark & Monica Reeves

This presentation will provide an updated look at the Offender Reentry Community Safety (ORCS) program. The ORCS program (formerly known as the Dangerously Mentally Ill Offender program) is a legislatively mandated program that identifies and provides transition for incarcerated individuals who are dangerous and mentally ill. The program is designed as a collaboration between Department of Corrections and the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. Discussion will include statistics regarding the number of offenders designated into the program, as well as program outcomes. The multisystem care planning team is an integral part of the transition process for the offender. This team works in collaboration with the offender to identify and develop a transition plan for successful community integration.

Angela Clark

Angela Clark received a Master of Science degree in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science in Human Resources. She worked as a Psychology Associate for the Washington Corrections Center (WCC) where she provided mental health services in the restrictive housing unit and to offenders entering the reception center. She has worked with the Offender Reentry Community Safety (ORCS) Program for five years. Prior to working for the Department of Corrections, Angela worked as a consultant with focus on adults with cognitive disabilities in the workplace. She provided training on cognitive disabilities and accommodation development throughout the United States to social service and educational entities.

Monica Reeves

Monica Reeves received a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling in 2003. She has worked for the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) for the past 20 years, with emphasis in transition and reentry of specialized populations that include juvenile offenders, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and high risk adults with behavioral health disorders. In 2016, Monica was appointed as the DSHS Program Administrator of the Offender Reentry Community Safety Program (ORCSP) and since has worked diligently to improve outcomes and accountability of the program, as well as expand the program across the state of Washington.

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