Restorative Justice

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Article 1 – Reforming Juvenile Justice Through Comprehensive Community Planning
Authors: Barry Krisberg, Giselle Barry, Emily Sharrock
Description: The results of this survey were published by OJJDP as the Guide for Implementing the Comprehensive Stategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders.

Article 2 – Effective Intervention for Serious Juvenile Offenders
Authors: Mark Lipsey, David Wilson, Lynn Cothern
Description: Short article from Juvenile Justice Bulletin.

Article 3 – Childhood Victimization and Delinquency. Adult Criminality and Violent Criminal Behavior: A Replication and Extension.
Author: Diana English,Cathy Spatz Widom, Carol Brandford
Description: This report presents findings of a replication and extension of earlier research on the relationship between childhood victimization and delinquency, adult criminality and violent criminal behavior.

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Article 1 – Teenage Fatherhood and Delinquent Behavior
Author: Terrence Thornberry
Description: An article from Juvenile Justice Bulletin.

Article 2 – Vinny’s Way
Author: James Jones
Description: From the Washington City Paper, discussion of Vincent Schiraldi’s revolution of juvenile justice in Washington DC.

Article 3 – SAMHSA’s Action Planning for Criminal and Juvenile Justice
Author: Ken Robertson
Description: From the ICCA Public Policy Forum, April 25, 2006.

Article 4 – Restorative Practices in Three Scottish Councils
Authors: Jean Kane, Gwynedd Lloyd, Gillean McCluskey, Sheila Riddell, Joan Stead, Elisabet Weedon
Description: Final Report of the Evaluation of the first two years of the Pilot Projects (2004-2006). Not the entire report.

Article 5 – AIM Outcome Matrix
Authors: Vincent Mercer, Julie Henniker
Description: PowerPoint Presentation on the AIM Project of restorative justice.

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Article 1 – Co-Offending and Patterns of Juvenile Crime
Author: NIJ
Description: From the NIJ Research in Brief; This report focuses on three paterns of crime related to co-offending. How co-offending is related to the age of offenders, recidivism, and violence.

Article 2 – Violence by Teenage Girls: Trends and Context
Author: Department of Justice
Description: From Girls Study Group; Understanding and Responding to Girls’ Delinquency.

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Article 1 – Continuation of Article 2 from the previous PDF file (RJ-3 PDF).

Article 2 – The Second Chance Act of 2005: Adult and Juvenile Offender Reentry Initiative
Author: Campaign for youth
Description: Memo on Reconnecting Our Youth from a Coalition of Voices from the Field.

Article 3 – Attitudes of US Voters toward Prisoner Rehabilitation and Reentry Policies
Authors: Barry Krisberg, Susan Marchionna
Description: Findings in Brief from the FOCUS Views from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, April 2006.

Article 4 – Minorities and the Juvenile Justice System: Research Summary
Authors: Carl Pope, William Feyerherm
Description: This report concludes a 15-month research project examining the role that minority status (African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American) plays in the processing of youth by the juvenile justice system.

Article 5 – Planning Community-Based Facilities for Violent Juvenile Offenders as Part of a System of Graduated Sanctions
Author: Shelley Zaviek
Description: An article from Juvenile Justice Bulletin, August 2005.

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Article 1 – Reforming Juvenile Detention in Florida
Authors: Vanessa Patino, Barry Krisberg
Description: This comprehensive report distills primary and secondary data and details the critical areas of juvenile detention in Florida.

Article 2 – General Corrections Review of the California Youth Authority
Author: Barry Krisberg
Description: This review was completed at the request of the California Attorney General and the Youth Authority.

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Article 1 – Attitudes of US Voters toward Youth Crime and the Justice System
Authors: Barry Krisberg, Susan Marchionna
Description: Survey findings in Brief.

Article 2 – Restorative Practices as a Tool for Organizational Change: The Bessels Leigh School
Authors: John Boulton, Laura Mirsky
Description: From the Restorative Practices EForum, February 2006.

Article 3 – Book Review: New directions in restorative justice: issues, practice, evaluation
Authors: Elizabeth Elliot, Robert Gordon.
Description: See title.

Article 4 – Case Profiles of Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System and Speaker Biographical Information
Author: Campaign for Youth Justice
Description: See Title.

Article 5 – Victims, Judges, and Juvenile Court Reform Through Restorative Justice
Author: Department of Justice
Description: An article from OVC Bulletin, October 2000.

Article 6 – Youth with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System: Prevention and Intervention Strategies
Author: Pam Stenhjem
Description: This brief focuses on two models, restorative justice and wrap-around services, to illustrate proactive intervention for reducing the number of youth with disabilities incarcerated in juvenile and adult prisons.

Article 7 – The Politicisation of Community Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland
Author: Anna Eriksson
Description: See title.

Article 8 – Casey Initiative Supports Reform Efforts
Author: None Listed
Description: An article from The Advocate, April 2005.

Article 9 – State Based Initiatives of Members of the National Juvenile Justice Network
Author: National Juvenile Justice Network
Description: See Title.

Article 10 – New Publication Highlights Promising Efforts to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities
Author: Justice Policy Institute
Description: Press Release on the JPI Website.

Article 11 – Lessons Learned
Author: No Turning Back
Description: A Collection of Case Studies.

Article 12 – Factsheet on Crime, Race and Juvenile Justice Policy in Perspective
Author: Justice Policy Institute
Description: See Title.

Article 13 – New Report: Legal loophole leads to explosion of youth in adult jails; Abuse and isolation rampant; Majority held for nonviolent crimes
Author: Campaign for Youth Justice
Description: Immediate Release article.

Article 14 – Take Action! Packet
Author: Campaign for Youth Justice

Article 15 – Pathways from Dependency and Neglect to Delinquency: Part Two
Author: Veronica Coleman-Davis, David Forde
Description: Qualitative and quantitative findings.

Article 16 – Restorative Justice Conferences as an Early Response to Young Offenders
Author: Edmund F. McGarrell
Description: Article from Juvenile Justice Bulletin, August 2001.

Article 17 – Reintegration, Supervised Release, and Intensive Aftercare
Author: David Altschuler
Description: An article from Juvenile Justice Bulletin, July 1999.

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Article 1 – The National Council on Crime and Delinquency’s Evaluation of the Project Development of National Institute of Corrections/Child Welfar League of America’s Planning and Intervention Sites Funded to Address the Needs of children of Incarcerated Parents
Authors: Stephanie Bush-Baskette, Vanessa Patino
Description: Final Report.

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Article 1 – No Title Given
Author: National Council on Crime and Delinquency and the Southeast Asian Youth and Family Alliance
Description: The intent of the present report is to provide a detailed assessment of the status of Southeast Asian youth in Richmond.

Article 2 – Blueprint for change: A Comprehensive Model for the Identification and Treatment of Youth with Mental Health Needs in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System
Authors: Kathleen Skowyra, Joseph Cocozza
Description: The first ever systematic review of the juvenile justice system in its entirety.