Public Policy

icca public policy

For the past four decades, the International Community Corrections Association has acted as a voice to challenge various nations when they have acted against reason and pursued anti-crime policies that have significantly increased the number of offenders incarcerated. Although violent crime gains the public’s attention, the vast majority of crime is nonviolent and can be addressed in a variety of cost-effective ways short of long term confinement. Community corrections organizations should continue to provide a strong and reasoned voice to help reduce fear about crime, the use and expansion of community sentencing, residential and work release options.

The International Community Corrections Association takes a leadership role in helping to shape public opinion about crime and community corrections. ICCA represents over 1,500 community corrections programs. ICCA member agencies operate community-based programs serving all stages of the corrections continuum. ICCA members work in the private sector and at all levels of government and thus their operations are flexible and broad-based in their approach to community corrections.