Perspectives From the Field

A series of podcasts done by Humber College Students for ICCA.

The first is an interview about a former Prisoner John’s experiences on parole in the Toronto community.

This interview is with Nico a former prisoner and looks into his perspective of two parole officers opposing approach and the impact on him.

In this episode we talk with Dr. Mark Totten regarding Gang members within Canada and gang exit strategies.

In part one of Doug’s perspective we find out his opinion as a former prisoner on community run services verses government programs.

The second part of our interview with Doug covers his opinion of Social Enterprises and what impact working at the social enterprise Klink Coffee has had on him.

In this episode we hear from Robert about how the Toronto based social enterprise Klink Coffee is helping people transition from prison to the community.

Intro and outro music for each podcast is “Amigos Solo Guitarra” by 52tercero

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