Our History

In 1964, the International Community Corrections Association (formerly known as the International Halfway House Association and, later, in 1989 as the International Association of Residential and Community Alternatives) held out first meeting in Chicago, IL with 30 people in attendance. Today, after more than 45 years, the ICCA represents more than 250 private agencies operating over 1,500 residential and community alternative programs, in addition to 1,000 individual members nationally and abroad. Our members offer a variety of programs and services which include:

  • Community-based corrections centers
  • Community corrections programs
  • Education/Vocational services
  • Drug testing and treatment
  • Tutoring services
  • Day reporting treatment
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Family/Individual counseling
  • Victim services
  • Community service supervision
  • Bail supervision
  • Home detention/electronic monitoring
  • Neighborhood outreach
  • Residential treatment
  • Aftercare
  • Transitional housing

ICCA Affiliations

ICCA has been an affiliate of the American Correctional Association (ACA) since 1975; an affiliate of the United Nations Alliance of Non-Governmental Organizations in Criminal Justice since 1982; the American Probation and Parole Association, the International Corrections and Prison Association and the National Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Coalition. In addition, ICCA liaises with several other national and international community corrections organizations.

Past Presidents

2015-2017 Anne Connell-Freund
2013-2015 Phil Nunes
2011-2013 Sonya Spencer
2009-2011 Kevin Downey
2007-2009 Jane O'Shaughnessy
2005-2007 Terry Marshall
2003-2005 Denise Robinson
2001-2003 Donald G. Evans
1999-2001 S. Anne Walker
1997-1999 Rick Billak
1995-1997 John Larivee
1992-1995 James Lawrence
1989-1992 Neil Tilow
1987-1989 Marvin Wiebe
1985-1987 James A. Hemm
1983-1985 Arthur R. McDonald
1981-1983 J. Bryan Riley
1979-1981 Tom H. Christensen
1978-1979 Martin E. Frank
1976-1978 E.B. Henderson III
1974-1976 Norman F. Chamberlain
1972-1974 Thomas J. Mangogna
1971-1972 Max D. Weger
1969-1971 J.M. McCartt
1968-1969 Elwood O. Toft
1966-1968 Edward C. Boyle
1965-1966 T. Neil Libby
1964-1965 Brother DePaul