Leadership & Staff


Lusanne Green

Lusanne has developed programs and policies for statewide organizations. She writes testimony and newsletter articles, applies for, implements and evaluates grants, and coordinates: committees on conferences and training as well as public policy concerns. Lusanne has worked in various capacities at the Ohio General Assembly including press, resolution drafting and legislative aide in the Senate and House of Representatives and with the Legislative Service Commission – the bill drafting section of the Ohio Legislature.

She applied her experience in her work as legislative director at the Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies - a collaborative of juvenile providers, courts and foster and adoptive parents. Here, Lusanne was given an opportunity to help select projects that were eligible for federal block grants; develop, monitor and effect passage of legislation; manage and organize volunteers and educate policy makers on child welfare issues. Lusanne was given great liberty to organize and televise local foster care issues, deliver training to social workers and foster parents and predicted association challenges and planned accordingly. Lusanne learned early that great work can be accomplished when talents and efforts are dispersed among thoughtful and dedicated volunteers. It was for these reasons that she was appointed as State Leader for the Child Welfare League of America.

Lusanne was called to work with an Ohio trade association that represents non-profit residential community correction providers. She has been with this group since March of 2001. She builds relationships with: like entities, all branches of state government and constituency. She primarily advises on policy, budget, and industry trends; analyses and explain patterns in community corrections; executes strategy sessions and facilitates interactions for members with public authorities. In her capacity as executive director, she is responsible for running a trade association and hosting a statewide conference and quarterly trainings. She has served as an Ohio Association of Non-profit Organizations: Standards for Excellence © Peer Reviewer. ICCA called her to assist as their Coordinator in 2012.