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Remarks on Prisons and Prison Discipline in the United States  

Dorothea Lynde Dix – 1845 – ‎Read  – ‎More editions




Prison life and reflections: or, A narrative of the Arrest, Trail, Conviction, Imprisonment, Treatment, Observation, Reflections, and Deliverance of Work, Burr, and Thompson 

George Thompson – 1848 – ‎Read  – ‎More editions




Tackling Prison Overcrowding: Build More Prisons? Sentence Fewer Offenders?

J. M. Hough, ‎Robert Allen, ‎Enver Solomon – 2008 – ‎Read  – ‎More editions

This book comprises nine chapters by leading academic experts, who expose the proposals of the Carter Review to critical scrutiny.





Prison Conditions in Egypt 

1993 – ‎Read 

The first such report on Egypt by human rights organization including on-site inspection and extensive interviews with current inmates, Prison conditions in Egypt documents appaling conditions and practices.




Prison Slavery  

Barbara Esposito, ‎Lee Wood, ‎Kathryn Bardsley – 1982 – ‎Read




Report of the Committee on Prison-Discipline to the Governor General of India 

India. Committee on Prison-Discipline – 1838 – ‎Read  – ‎More editions




No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons 

2001 – ‎Full view  – ‎More editions





Prison Conditions in South Africa 

 1994 – ‎Full view 

Prison life in South Africa is characterized by an elaborate system of gangs, through which much prisoner-on-prisoner violence is mediated. While gang activity is common to many prison systems, South African prison gangs are distinctive.




Female life in prison, by a prison matron [F.W. Robinson]. 

 Frederick William Robinson – 1863 – ‎Read  – ‎More editions




Report on the Prisons and Reformatories of the United States and Canada 

Enoch Cobb Wines, ‎Theodore William Dwight – 1867 – ‎ ‎More editions




Economic Impacts of Prison Growth

Suzanne M. Kirchhoff – 2010 

The U.S. corrections system (CS) has gone through an unprecedented expansion during the last few decades.




Health in Prisons: A WHO Guide to the Essentials in Prison Health

Lars Møller, ‎A. Gatherer, ‎R. Jürgens – 2007

Based on the experience of many countries in the WHO European Region and the advice of experts, this guide outlines some of the steps prison systems should take to reduce the public health risks from compulsory detention in often unhealthy …




The Journal of Prison Discipline and Philanthropy – Volumes 13-18

1874 –  ‎More editions




Prison Suicide: An Overview and Guide to Prevention

Lindsay M. Hayes – 1995 

As shown in Table 3-1, NCIA was able to verify 158 suicides in state and federal prisons during 1993, excluding suicides that occurred outside theprison (i.e., while on work release or escape status, for example). Based on a total prison …




Essayes and Characters of a Prison and Prisoners 

 Geffray Minshull – 1821  – ‎More editions




Reports of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston – Volume 2 

Mass.) Prison Discipline Society (Boston, ‎Prison Discipline Society, Boston – 1855  – ‎More editions




The Capture, the Prison Pen, and the Escape 

Willard W. Glazier – 1869  – ‎More editions




Prison Bound: The Denial of Juvenile Justice in Pakistan 

 1999 – ‎Full view  – ‎More editions

discharge,” and advise prison officials that “[t]he stimulus of personal touch and interest will be found far more effective than a rigid insistence on prisonroutine.”” In other respects, the Rules reflect the colonial-era laws on which they are based; …




An Authentic History of the Vermont State Prison 

 John Russell – 1812 – ‎More editions




Prison Conditions in Jamaica 

William E. Hellerstein, ‎Lois Whitman – 1990  

PREFACE Between January 1 1 and January 20, 1990, Professor William E. Hellerstein, a member of the Prison Advisory Committee of Human Rights Watch and Lois Whitman, a consultant to Americas Watch, visited Jamaica to study …




Report of the Committee of the Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline, and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders 

Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders (London, England) – 1822  – ‎More editions

Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders (London, England). Cambridge has been the cause of many persons remaining in gaol, who would otherwise have been at liberty. As an instance  …




The Prison Experience: Disciplinary Institutions and Their Inmates in Early Modern Europe 

 Pieter Spierenburg – 2007  – ‎More editions

1 INTRODUCTION A Process Approach to Prison History The prisonexperience profoundly influenced the lives of ordinary inmates, but it also affected guards, managers, and policymakers. In a second sense, the concept refers to the …




Thoughts in prison 

 William DODD – 1809  – ‎More editions




Recollections of the Jersey prison ship: from the orginal manuscripts of Captain Thomas Dring, One of the prisoners 

Thomas Dring, ‎Albert Gorton Greene, ‎Henry Barton Dawson – 1865  – ‎More editions




Nordic Prison Education: A Lifelong Learning Perspective 

 2005 – ‎More editions

Description of prison education Objective of prison education The objective of education in the Norwegian Prison system, as stated by the Ministry of Education and Research, is to give comprehensive and upper secondary education to …




The State of the Prisons in England and Wales 

John Howard – 1777  – ‎More editions




Comparing Federal and State Prison Inmates, 1991 

Caroline Wolf Harlow – 1994  

Prisoners with children An estimated 76% of Federal inmates and 65% of State inmates reported they had children (table 29). ln both Federal and State prisons, about 8 in 10 women had children. Federal inmates were parents of 70,300 …




An Illustrated History and Description of State Prison Life by One who Has Been There 

Convict in a convict’s cell – 1871  




The Mental Health of Prison Entrants in Australia 


In 2010, 31% of prison entrants reported that they had been told by a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or nurse that they had a mental health disorder (including drug and alcohol abuse) in their lifetime. This is about 2.5 times higher than the …




Laws of the Commonwealth for the Government of the Massachusetts State Prison 

Massachusetts State Prison – 1830 

The MASSACHUSETTS STATE PRISON is located on the Westernmost point of the Peninsula of Charlestown. The Old Prison was erected in 1804-5, with walls enclosing a Yard, subsequently enlarged to its present size, being 500 (eet long  …