Housing Programs for Ex-Offenders

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Article 1 – Homeless Shelter Use and Reincarceration Following Prison Release
Authors: Stephen Metraux, Dennis Culhane
Description: This paper examines the incidence of and interrelationships between shelter use and reincarceration among a cohort of 48,424 persons who were released from New York State prisons to New York City in 1995-1998.

Article 2 – Principles and Practice in Housing for Persons with Mental Illness who Have Had Contact with the Justice System
Authors: Caterina Gouvis Roman, Elizabeth Cincotta McBride, Jenny W.L. Osborne
Description: This paper presents an overview of housing options used for persons with mental illness who have had contact with the criminal justice system.

Article 3 – Housing
Author: Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council
Description: Policy Statement 19; Facilitate a person’s access to stable housing upon his or her re-entry into the community.

Article 4 – Housing Programs for Ex-Offenders
Author: None Listed
Description: A collection of article titles, authors, and descriptions pertinent to the title subject.

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Article 1 – Housing Ex-Offenders
Author: Corianne P. Scally
Description: Discussion of non-profits involved in housing ex-offenders and the issues and concerns that must be overcome.

Article 2 – Re-entry Roundtable
Author: MHSA Corrections Committee
Description: The participants in this roundtable spent time in smaller groups discussing problems they routinely faced.

Article 3 – Resources
Author: Corianne P. Scally
Description: The last paragraph of article 1 from this PDF file with resources used.

Article 4 – Housing Work Group: Mission and Goals
Author: None Listed
Description: This is an interagency work group that will focus its’ work on increasing suitable housing for offenders that enhances public safety.

Article 5 – Jericho Housing Project
Author: John Evangelista
Description: A nationwide review of transitional housing programs.

Article 6 – Illinois Dems face off over bill on housing for ex-cons
Author: Mike Soraghan
Description: A scanned article detailing the struggles of getting housing supported assistance for offenders re-entering the community.

Article 7 – Blurb on housing for reentry coalition
Author: Jeremy Rosen
Description: A short email on housing issues from the Executive Director of the National Policy and Advocacy Council on Homelessness.

Article 8 – Housing, Homelessness and Reentry
Author: none listed
Description: One page list of facts, statistics, and issues surrounding housing upon reentry.

Article 9 – CSH Supportive Housing PowerPoint
Author: CSH
Description: A PowerPoint Presentation about incarceration, reentry, homelessness, and available programs.

Article 10 – Recommendations to Improve the Integration of Medicaid Home and Community-based Services with Housing
Author: Volunteers of America
Description: Statement to the Medicaid Commission (March 13th, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia).

Article 11 – Housing and Re-Entry Statistics
Author: Re-Entry Policy Council
Description: Housing and Re-Entry Statistics.

Article 12 – Housing in the New Prison/Jail Reentry Bill
Author: The National Alliance to End Homelessness
Description: Review of measures in the Second Change Act that focus on the housing needs of those facing re-entry.

Article 13 – Housing and Prison Reentry Toward a Congressional Agenda
Author: Hosted by Rep. Danny K Davis
Description: Agenda from the event.

Article 14 – Education for Employment: Keys to Safe and Successful Prisoner Reentry
Author: a bipartisan group of Members of both Houses
Description: Itinerary for the day with a few handwritten notes.

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Article 1 – Rental Assistance Coupon Plus Program
Author: Maine State Housing Authority
Description: Pamphlet and overview paper about the Equal Housing Opportunity assistance program.

Article 2 – RAC+ Self Sufficiency Assessment
Author: None Listed
Description: Worksheet for the Maine State Housing Authority Rental Assistance Coupon Plus Program, followed by the application.

Article 3 – Housing and Public Safety
Author: Justice Policy Institute
Description: This research brief summarizes recent findings on what is known about access to quality or substandard housing as it relates to public safety and the use of incarceration.

Article 4 – An Overview of the Criminal Justice System
Author: Criminal Justice Learning Circle
Description: Developing housing and services for criminal justice-related supportive housing.

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Article 1 – From Locked Up to Locked Out: Creating and Implementing Post-release Housing for Ex-prisoners
Author: Kristina Hals
Description: A training resource for community organizations from the Housing of Washington.

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Article 1 – Moving Toward Evidence-Based Housing Programs for Persons with Mental Illness in Contact with the Justice System
Author: Caterina Gouvis Roman
Description: A short article discussing reentry and housing needs and options for those with mental illnesses.

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Article 1 – The Housing and Support Needs of Ex-Prisoners: The Role of the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program
Author: None Listed
Description: This report describes the findings of research which has reviewed the current and potential role of the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) in meeting the housing and support needs of ex-prisoners in Tasmania.

Article 2 – Call to Action: How Programs in Three Cities Responded to the Prisoner Reentry Crisis
Author: Paul VanDeCarr
Description: This report is the story of how programs in three cities responded to the reentry crisis, before they became part of the Ready4Work initiative.

Article 3 – Taking Stock: Housing, Homelessness, and Prisoner Reentry
Author: Caterina Gouvis Roman, Jeremy Travis
Description: This report examines how those who have spent time in prison or jail fare in securing safe and affordable housing following their release and discusses housing programming and practice designed to assist them; not the full article.

Article 4 – Mentoring Ex Prisoners: A Guide or Prisoner Reentry Programs
Author: Renata Cobbs Fletcher
Description: A manual and toolkit that provide practices and guides in order to start or bolster reentry efforts.

Article 5 – Public Housing Authorities and Re-Entry Populations
Author: CSH
Description: Eligibility of persons with criminal histories and/or drug involvement for public housing and section 8/housing choice voucher programs.

Article 6 – Report on Safety Issues Raised by Living Arrangements for and Location of Sex Offenders in the Community
Author: Prepared for the Colorado State Judiciary Committees, Senate and House of Representatives
Description: Discussion of research, findings, and subsequent recommendations.

Article 7 – Housing and Public Safety
Author: Justice Policy Institute
Description: This research brief summarizes recent findings on what is known about access to quality or substandard housing as it relates to public safety and the use of incarceration.