Graduated Reintegration: The Challenge of Implementing Policy into Practice

Dr. Sandy F. Mullins, Dan Pacholke & Devon Schrum

In this presentation, Pacholke and Mullins will discuss the Graduated Reintegration policy proposal and the process and perils of turning an idea into a program. While Illinois’ budgetary and political environment has made implementation more difficult than would be likely in other jurisdictions, there are lessons and observations that are relevant to any researcher or practitioner seeking to develop and operationalize a promising practice or program in community corrections. They will be joined in the presentation by their former colleague from the Washington Department of Corrections, Devon Schrum, the Assistant Secretary in charge of the Reentry Division at WADOC. Ms. Schrum currently administers two promising federally funded reentry projects, which include many elements envisioned in the Graduated Reintegration policy proposal. Ms. Schrum will talk about Washington State’s recent experience in designing and implementing reentry programs and other innovations that have demonstrated success, such as the state housing voucher program.

Sandy Mullins

Sandy Felkey Mullins, J.D. is a Senior Research Scholar in the Litmus program at NYU’s Marron Institute. Ms. Mullins served as Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s senior policy advisor on public safety and government operations. She advised the governor on criminal and juvenile justice, policing, sex trafficking, domestic violence, marijuana legalization, firearm-fatality prevention and emergency management. Prior to advising the governor, she served as director of the WA Department of Corrections Office of Executive Policy, where she developed strategic initiatives to include the statewide Swift Certain and Fair response to violations of community supervision. She previously served as executive director of the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission and Sex Offender Policy Board. Prior to her work in WA, she was executive director of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. Ms. Mullins has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a J.D., both from the University of Colorado.

Dan Pacholke

Mr. Pacholke is a Senior Research Scholar in the Litmus program at NYU’s Marron Institute. Mr. Pacholke served in Washington Department of Corrections for 33 years, starting as a correctional officer and retiring as Secretary. He led the effort to reduce the use of IMUs, yielding a 52% reduction in the use of segregation. Earlier, he specialized in emergency management and containment strategies, advising throughout the country during the rise of mass incarceration in the 1990s and 2000s. In 2004, he launched a series of ecological, environmental-restoration, and conservation projects that expanded to a national network, the Sustainability in Prisons Project. In 2008 he engaged in focused strategies to reduce violence in prisons yielding a 30% reduction in inmate violence. Following the murder of a WADOC correctional officer in 2011, he implemented multiple innovative staff-safety practices. Mr. Pacholke has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from The Evergreen State College.

Devon Schrum

Devon Schrum has served more than twenty years with the WA Department of Corrections in a broad array of positions from entry level work to running a prison. She has been recognized for her ability to design and implement statewide systems. Ms. Schrum currently leads WADOC's Reentry Division where she works with others to build a statewide approach to recidivism reduction including designing, implementing, and maintaining a continuum of care for the men and women transitioning from confinement into the community. Ms. Schrum is currently responsible for WA work releases and several federally funded projects to improve reentry. In 2014 as the Director of Security, she co-authored "Keeping Prisons Safe" which is used by WADOC as part of its Prison Safety curriculum. Ms. Schrum holds an MBA and is the past president of the Western States Hostage Negotiators' Association and a current member of the Washington State Reentry Council.

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