Evidence Based Employment Programming: Rockville’s Individual Placement and Support Model

Lisa Floyd & Melodie Pazolt

This presentation will provide an overview of the Rockville Institute’s Individual Placement and Support (IPA) model. Presenters will discuss the effective, evidence based employment model that has demonstrated higher rates of job placements for individuals with criminal histories. Key principles and practices will be discussed to identify what makes this employment model different from other models of the past. Research will be provided that demonstrates the effectiveness of this program for several populations including individuals with criminal justice involvement.

Lisa Floyd

Lisa is the Behavioral Health Supported Employment Program Manager within the King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division. Lisa has 22 years of experience in behavioral health including in direct service, care authorizations, and contract monitoring. She is passionate about recovery through employment.

Melodie Pazolt

Ms. Melodie Pazolt has over 30 years of experience with people who have behavioral health conditions. She has operated approximately 15 independent grants/contracts in conjunction with direct services to individuals with barriers to employment and housing.

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