Engaging Trauma Impacted African American Males

Darryl Turpin

This presentation is on H.E.A.T. (Habilitation, Empowerment and Accountability Therapy), a holistic, culturally relevant and responsive, strength-based and trauma informed therapy program designed to help young Black males involved in the criminal justice system. White participants on probation or parole are more likely to successfully complete the conditions of their probation and parole than their black counterparts. Presenters will discuss research performed on this model and discuss the need for such interventions that address post- traumatic stress, anxiety and depression within black populations in criminal justice. Consequently, self-medication through drug use becomes a way of survival. Presenters will explore the core components of how this intervention is culturally responsive and more engaging for young trauma impacted African American male populations.

Darryl Turpin

Darryl P. Turpin is currently a Co-Principal for a social justice firm, The Pinwheel Group. He is the principle investigator for clinical research with young black men in the criminal justice system. Formally he was the Coordinator for the City of Louisville, Kentucky, Department of Public Health and Wellness, Men’s Health initiative. His work included oversight of the African American Male Empowerment Network. He is the immediate past chair of the Thurgood Marshall Action Coalition (TMAC), addressing inequities in the criminal justice system across the country.

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