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SecurManage specializes in providing information technology services to the community corrections industry. Its premier web-based resident management software, SecurManage, is the ultimate software for managing your correctional facility. SecurManage is:

Uses 128-bit SSL encryption
Delivers the content over the internet
Uses an enterprise-class SQL database backend
Requires no software installation
SecurManage works very similar to online banking. With on software to install it makes managing your facility a breeze!
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Community Education Centers

Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) is a leadaing provider of offender re-entry and in-prison treatment servies in America and provides a full range of therapeutic residential and non-residential re-entry services with a documented record of reducing recidivism. CEC services include: Residential Re-entry Centers, Residential Assessment Centers, In-Prison Treatment Programs, Therapeutic Community Programs, Parole Violator Centers, Work Release Programs, Day Reporting Centers, Out-Patient Treatment, Drug Court Programs, Women's Programs, Specializes County Programs, Mental Health Programs, Drug Testing Services.

CEC's goal is for each offender to make a successful transition back into their community. Each CEC program is designed to meet the needs of the referring agency, as well as, the needs of the individuals referred. CEC contracts with local, county,s tate, and federal government agencies, as well as non-profit agencies.
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Orbis Partners, Inc.

Orbis Partners, Inc. is a human service consulting group specializing in designing and implementing services for high-risk client groups. Services are best categorized into four main areas:

Research and Evaluation
Software Development
Orbis Partners has developed a suite of state-of-the-art assessment tools for assessments of risk, need, and strengths in criminal justice populations. Orbis is a leader in the development of programming for high-risk populations-- particularly in the field of corrections. The company offers a range of services and products to help organizations conduct the research needed for successful planning and program development.
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Teletrust, Inc.

Teletrust, Inc., headquartered in Sherman, TX (USA) with over 20 years experience in the public communications industry, is a leader in the inmate phone services marketplace. Teletrust technicians are among the best trained and most experienced in the business. Services include:

Real-time call monitoring
Prepaid and collect call services
Full record and record keeping
Fraud detection and prevention
Multi-lingual services
Facility staff training
Competitive rates and commissions
Teletrust specializes in telephone services for residents of all tpes of community-based correctional facilities, including halfway houses, rehabilitation and mental health programs, as well as, secure and non-secure institutions. Teletrust partners with clients to develop custom services for each facility to provide affordable calling services for residents.

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Correct Tech is the community corrections software solution. Designed by a community corrections facility owner and correctional psychologist, it handles all of your information management needs from referral to discharge....and it's paperless. You can host it in the cloud or at your facility and access it remotely anytime. You do not have to let paperwork and regulatory compliance drive your practices anymore. It's about time!
Visit Website (ADC) is one of the nation's leading innovators in delivering evidence-based solutions for criminal and social justice, providing expertise, experience, and smart technology to help reduce recidivism, rehabilitate offenders while saving taxpayers' money, ADC's services and web-based products include validated assessments, automated case plans, a new interactive, real-time provider, custom software, staff training and collaborative consulting.
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BI Incorporated

BI Incorporated contracts with approximately 900 correctional agencies nationwide. BI provides a continuum of innovative compliance technologies, industry-leading monitoring services, and evidence-based cognitive behavioral re-entry programs for adult and juvenile offenders in the community.
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NorthPointe Institute for Public Management

Northpointe Institute for Public Management is a nationally-recognizes research and consulting firm, offering software products, training and implementation services to local, state and federal criminal justice systems and policy-makers. Northpointe provides the tools to improve decision-making for individuals, agencies, and communities, and has long been a leader in decision support services for the corrections industry. Northpointe guides our clients through the variety of challenges involved in moving toward the goal of become a well-trained and professional evidence-based organization.
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The Change Companies

The Change Companies, a national publishing, training, consulting and video company, develops research-based materials that assist individuals in making positive life changes. Their products and services are primarily in the fields of employee health, impaired driving, substance abuse treatment and prevention, and criminal justice.
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The Next Step/WOTC Solutions

The Next Step/WOTC Solutions operates the only nationwide program that begins communicating with offenders while still in custody and stays with him/her through the employment process. Then, we assist the employer in getting all tax credits they are entitled to for hiring an ex-offender. There is no charge to the offender or his/her facility. TNS/WOTC Solutions has positive relationships and/or formal agreements with more than 1,000 transition facilities in all 50 states.
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