A Multi-Systems Approach to Addressing the Opiate Epidemic: Perspectives on King County’s Opiate Task Force

Brad Finegood

Brad Finegood is an Assistant Division Director in the Behavioral Health and Recovery Division in King County. In this role he recently served as a co-chair of the King County Heroin and Prescription Opiate Task Force. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University and his Master’s Degree in Community Agency Counseling with a specialty in Alcohol and Drug Abuse from Western Michigan University. He has worked in the behavioral health field for 20 years in both substance use disorder and mental health administration. He has provided direct service in multiple modalities including prevention, outpatient, residential and Medication Assisted Treatment, both in institutions and the community. Most importantly he is the sibling and survivor of a younger sibling that passed away of an overdose.

Thea Oliphant-Wells

Thea Oliphant-Wells is in long term recovery from opioid use disorder and has personal experiences with homelessness and criminal justice involvement. She is a social worker and harm reductionist. Since completing her master’s in social work at the University of Washington in 2012 she has been working with people with behavioral health conditions in harm reduction programs. She has most recently been a part of the King County Heroin and Opiate Addiction Task Force and has been working on systems level advocacy for the last two years, while working as a social worker for King County’s Public Health Needle Exchange program. Thea did her undergraduate practicum with the Department of Corrections at Mission Creek Corrections Center for women, where she supported women offenders with re-entry planning, access to resources, and connection with mentors. She volunteered there for 4 years prior to that working with women with substance use disorders and considers working with justice involved people a passion of hers.

Dan Satterberg

Dan Satterberg has served in the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for more than three decades, and was first elected to lead the office in November 2007. He served as Chief of Staff to Norm Maleng for 17 years, and was responsible for the management and operation of the PAO. The KCPAO has 236 attorneys, and a total staff of more than 500. King County has more than 2.1 million residents, making it the 13th largest county in the United States.

Dan is committed to the reform of the Criminal Justice system through partnership with the communities most impacted by crime. Together with community partners, Dan has created successful programs that keep young people engaged in school and divert youth from the courtroom including a motivational intervention called “The 180 Program.” His office has also partnered to establish diversion programs to help families with juvenile domestic violence, and to explore the potential of restorative justice to address youth violence. The KCPAO is a founding partner in the creation of LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion), a national model creating a compassionate response to drug-addicted people, and giving police additional tools for responding to people with addiction and mental health issues. Dan is currently the Co-Chair of the Washington State Reentry Council.

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