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Dear RRC Providers and ICCA Board,

Last week the Senate Appropriations Committee passed its version of the FY19 Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies (CJS) appropriations bill. Once reconciled with the version moving through the House, this will be the bill that funds the Department of Justice and its functions for Fiscal Year 2019. The committee issues a report that accompanies the bill, which offers more detail and explanation than the bill text and expresses the Senate appropriators’ informal instructions to the Department. The committee report includes the following language. This is similar to last year’s language and is in response to the changes BOP was making to RRC contracts and to the Statement of Work.

We are grateful to Senators for continuing to support RRCs in this way.

Residential Reentry Centers.-The Committee maintains concerns and expectations regarding Residential Reentry Centers [RRCs] as outlined in Senate Report 115-139 and codified in Public Law 115- 141, including the direction requiring BOP to alert the Committee before adopting any significant change in policy or practice involving RRCs or other recidivism-reduction measures. The Committee directs BOP not to cancel or modify any existing contracts for RRCs if another BOP-contracted RRC facility does not exist within 100 miles of the existing RRC. In instances where RRC contracts are expiring, the Committee directs BOP to take interim and emergency measures to prevent facility closures and the interruption of services, including by expediting solicitations and re-solicitations for existing services.

Please continue your dialog with both Senators and Representatives and keep us apprised.

Thank you,




Regarding Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Contracts


May 2018ICCA-logo

Dear Colleagues,
Around this time last year, under the auspices of the International Community Corrections Association (ICCA) we came together to discuss issues we were experiencing with our BOP contracts. Since that time, we have seen the appointment and sudden resignation of BOP Director Mark Inch and participated in several discussions with him and key BOP leadership. Additionally, we closely followed then-Director Inch’s Congressional testimony and kept a keen eye on legislation moving through Congress.

I am writing to share what we have learned, to ask for an update on what you are experiencing and suggest steps we can take together going forward.

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Improving Public Safety Through Effective Community Reintegration Practices


NIC and CCCN are creating a DVD based training program designed to highlight effective community reintegration practices that will promote behavior change and recidivism reduction, enhance public safety, and save taxpayer dollars.

The United States criminal justice system manages a staggering 7 million adults and three quarter of a million juveniles - the majority of which will be returning to our communities. Justice professionals need to take a system-wide, evidence-based approach and work collaboratively if we want to improve public safety and increase the likelihood of success for those reintegrating back into our communities. The collateral consequences for someone involved in the justice system can be severe. For adults, these can include having a harder time finding a job, difficulty finding safe and sustainable housing, and interruptions in family dynamics and relationships. Juveniles can experience difficulties getting back on track with school and maintaining positive peer relationships. And while some of these consequences are unique to adult or juvenile populations, one consequence stands out as damaging for both: the difficulty of successfully reintegrating and connecting back to the community.

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